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WebDev notes

Some facts that the web developer should know

Class is a rectangle containing three compartments stacked vertically: the class’s name, the class’s attributes and the class’s operations:

The attribute section of the class is optional. The following notation is used to identificate default values in the attribute list: name : attribute type = default value

The operation section of the class is optional too. Operations are documented using the following notation: name(parameter list) : type of value returned

Abstract classes and operations are displayed using the italicized text.

Actually, UML uses a special name for classes and some other types: “classifiers.” Generally, you can think of a classifier as a class, but technically a classifier is a more general term that refers to the other three types (an interface, a data type, a component).

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There are 7 types of custom properties in Feng Office (current software version is 1.7.4): Text, Numeric, Boolean, List, Date, Memo, Table.

In my current project, based on Feng Office, web services are used widely. This is due to the fact that the entire workflow is controlled by Intalio, which is integrated with Feng Office via web services. Within the framework of web services, it is required to pass various additional custom properties for tasks, milestones, etc. Frequently, these properties should not be visible and editable through the interface at all. This is a service data of workflow.

Well, actually to the theme =)
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Currently I face troubles during CMS Made Simple modules installation. There are different symptoms: module is not installed completely (with error message) or module is installed, but related data is missing in the admin area and you can not manage module.

It turned out that the reason of such a mess are MySQL version higher then 5.0 and deprecated MySQL engine type definition. Currently, type is specified as ‘TYPE=MyISAM’ in some modules. But the TYPE keyword support was dropped since MySQL 5.1. So, the CREATE TABLE queries are incorrect because of TYPE usage.

The fix is very simple. It is necessary to replace TYPE with ENGINE. This keyword is supported in all MySQL versions.

So, if you have faced some problem during some CMS Made Simple module installation and you know that MySQL version is higher then 5.0 – then make sure that the “method.install.php” file from the module package contains the correct type definition and fix it if necessary.

The idea of this feature belongs to Theo Ribeiro. He is a really great adventure, travel, etc photographer with a lot of cool works.

Theo Ribeiro, asked me about kind of history plugin in the “AD Gallery bugfix” post:

Do you happen to know of a simple way to use this feature as if it were like a history plugin so when you browse to the next image on a gallery, the image’s URL like appears automatically on the browser?

I decided to implement such a feature. It seems useful, because it allows people to share direct links to the specific image in a gallery.
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AD Gallery is a great gallery plugin for jQuery. It provides a rich functionality if you want to organize a gallery at your website.

So, there is a small bug in current AD gallery version (1.2.4). Such feature as start image index overload, via anchor, passed in URL, doesn’t work properly. For example, you want to start displaying gallery from fifth image, then you need to add the following anchor to the URL: “#ad-image4″ (indexing starts from zero). As as result it shows fifth image, as expected, but index of image is displayed as “41/20″ and also the “Next” button doesn’t work. Actually, a very small fix is needed to resolve the issue.
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